The Best Smart Watches for Men Under £100 in 2023

Smart watches have become incredibly popular in recent years, offering convenient access to notifications, health tracking, and more right on your wrist and i will try to find best Smart Watches for Men Under £100 for you. With top models like the Apple Watch costing several hundred pounds, many shoppers look for more affordable options that still provide useful features. Luckily, there are excellent smart watches tailored for men available for under £100.


in This article i will explore the key factors to consider when shopping for an affordable smart watch and provide reviews of the top-rated models under £100 for UK buyers as of 2023. Following extensive research and real-world testing, we will compare display quality, battery life, style options, and extra features across various brands and models to suit different needs and preferences. Continue reading for the most comprehensive recommendations to help you select the best smart watch under £100 this year.

What to Consider When Buying a Smart Watch Under £100

With new smart watches constantly entering the market, there are a few key factors savvy shoppers consider to ensure they select the right model at the best value:

Compatibility With Your Devices

You’ll want to ensure potential smart watch models are compatible with your existing devices. Most affordable models connect to Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth, but some have limitations. Carefully check compatibility before purchasing.

Display Size and Quality

Even affordable smart watches now come with full touchscreen colour displays. Consider the display size – typically 1-1.5 inches for men’s models – and technology for clarity and brightness. OLED and AMOLED screens provide richer colours and contrast compared to basic LCD displays.

Battery Life

Depending on usage, smart watch battery life typically ranges from about one to over 10 days on a single charge. Models with optional always-on displays sacrifice some battery life for convenience. Fast charging support can also minimise downtime.

Health, Fitness and Convenience Features

Key features like activity tracking, sleep monitoring, heart rate sensors, notifications, contactless payments, music storage and more vary widely. Carefully weigh which capabilities suit your lifestyle when comparing different models.

Style Options

With smart watches now offered in round, square and rectangular shapes with a wide selection of strap materials and colours, you’re sure to find appealing styles. Consider which watch case sizes, shapes and band materials best match your personal tastes.

Now that you know which characteristics to evaluate for the best sub-£100 smart watches, continue reading for specific recommendations across different brands and model lines updated for 2023.

5 Best Smart Watches for Men Under £100

1. Amazfit GTS 4 Mini

With its thin oval aluminium alloy case, colour AMOLED display and Alexa built-in, the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini offers a compelling balance of style, features and value. It packs a vibrant 1.65-inch AMOLED display into a lightweight, water-resistant 42.3g case available in a range of stylish colours.

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini of Square smart watch with green band
The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini smart watch has an oval aluminum frame with color display

With built-in Amazon Alexa support for voice controls and over 150 sport modes to track various workouts and activities via the Zepp app, it provides far more capabilities than its budget-friendly £84 price suggests. Accurate heart rate, sleep and SpO2 monitoring, an impressive 12-day battery life and handy notifications round out the package.

Overall, the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini hits a sweet spot for affordable style and utility for Android and iOS users. Shoppers simply wanting a sharp-looking watch with smooth smart features will find it fits the bill.

2. Honor Magic Watch 2

The original Honor Magic Watch 2 still holds up as a top-performing, affordable smart watch option after its 2020 release. It comes in 42mm and 46mm sizes to suit different wrist sizes, with crisp 1.2-inch and 1.39-inch AMOLED displays coated in scratch-resistant glass.

Round silver smart watch with black Smart Watches for Men Under £100
Smart Watches for Men Under £100

Despite its age, it incorporates key smart watch capabilities like heart rate and sleep tracking, workout and swim mode recognition for over 15 sports, notifications and music controls. With advertised battery lives up to 14 days in certain modes and fast charging support, keeping it powered is no chore.

Priced at around £85, the Honor Magic Watch 2 continues offering fantastic value with a polished circular design, vivid colour display and smooth daily performance. Fans of round-faced traditional watches who want extra tech-savvy features will appreciate this smart, capable option.

3. Huawei Watch Fit 2

Huawei Watch Fit2 Smart Watches for Men Under £100
Huawei Watch Fit 2 has an extra slim profile with vivid display

As an impressively slim and lightweight rectangular smart band hybrid, the new Huawei Watch Fit 2 packs full touchscreen smart watch functionality into an incredibly compact and lightweight (26g) design. Its tall, rectangular 1.74-inch AMOLED display measures an impressive 194×368 pixels for vivid colours, while the watch case, available in black, pink and blue colours, is both water and dustproof.

Activity and health tracking capabilities like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and 97 workout modes make it much more capable than its stylish design suggests, while 10-day battery life reduces charging frequency. The addition of third-party app support via Huawei’s AppGallery store is also a welcome extra.

For shoppers wanting a versatile, vivid-screened fitness companion that disappears comfortably on their wrist outside the gym, the feature-packed Huawei Watch Fit 2 is a top contender in the sub-£100 category this year.

4. Realme Watch 3

Round silver smart watch with black band Smart Watches for Men Under £100
Realme Watch 3 has a traditional circular dial case design.

As the latest budget offering from emerging tech brand Realme, the Realme Watch 3 packs smooth smart watch functionality into an affordable £74.99 package. Its 1.8-inch 240×280 pixel LCD touchscreen display offers vivid images and colours despite the lower price.

Available in black, grey and silver colours, its circular dial case design retains a classic wristwatch look while tracking health metrics 24/7 via built-in heart rate and SpO2 sensors. With IP68 water resistance and advertised 12-day battery life from its 260 mAh cell, it’s well equipped for everyday wear.

While it lacks support for downloading additional apps, its low price and core health tracking make it a compelling budget option to try a smart watch. Smooth Bluetooth syncing with Android and iOS devices, customisable watch faces and handy notifications further boost its capabilities.

5. Willful Smart Watch

For shoppers wanting maximum features while still keeping costs under £100, we recommend considering the Willful Fitness Tracker Smart Watch. This highly popular budget smart watch beloved by Amazon UK buyers packs impressive health, message and convenience features into a rugged, sporty design built for active lifestyles.

Round black smart watch with light blue Smart Watches for Men Under £100 band
The Willful Smart Watch has built-in GPS tracking

Its full-touch 1.3-inch TFT LCD display offers crisp colours and images for easy reading. Integrated health tracking monitors heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns and more, while support for 14 sport modes lets you accurately record various workouts. Despite its affordable £59.99 price tag, built-in GPS support enables tracking your running routes without carrying a smartphone.

With seven-day average battery life per charge, the Willful Smart Watch keeps you covered for exercise and everyday use between charges. Handy message notifications, music controls, alarms and other utilities via Android/iOS connectivity round out the feature set.

Add in a durable, lightweight build, IP68 waterproofing and wide style selection across strap and case colours, and the Willful Smart Watch becomes a surprisingly full-featured contender that outperforms its price.

Choosing the Best Smart Watch Under £100 For You

While every model above offers compelling capabilities given their affordable pricing, determining the right one for your needs depends on your priorities. Frequent gym-goers will appreciate advanced activity profiling and workout integrations in options like the Huawei Watch Fit 2 or Willful Smart Watch. Buyers wanting a traditional wristwatch look with smart notifications and tracking favor Round-faced options like the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini or Honor Magic Watch 2.

Smart WatchDisplayBattery LifeNotificationsGPSWater ResistancePriceWhere to Buy
Amazfit GTS 4 Mini1.65” AMOLED12 daysYesNo5ATM£84Amazon UK
Honor Magic Watch 21.2”/1.39” AMOLEDUp to 14 daysYesNo5ATM£85Amazon UK
Huawei Watch Fit 21.74” AMOLED10 daysYesNo5ATMUnder £100Amazon UK
Realme Watch 31.8” LCD12 daysYesNoIP68£74.99Amazon UK
Willful Smart Watch1.3” TFT LCD7 daysYesYesIP68£59.99Amazon UK
Comparision Table of Smart Watches for Men Under £100

No matter if you desire maximum battery life, stylish designs, vivid displays or highly accurate health insights, the models highlighted provide fantastic value. Carefully weigh the key factors covered to select your best-matched sub-£100 smart watch in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions on Affordable Smart Watches

Do cheaper smart watches still offer accurate health tracking?

Yes, most sub-£100 models today incorporate advanced sensors and algorithms to record metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleep stages as accurately as more expensive alternatives. However, medical-grade products undergo more rigorous testing.

How long will an affordable smart watch last before needing replacement?

Basic sub-£100 smart watches typically last around 2-3 years with regular use until showing significant battery deterioration or performance issues. Selecting reputable, consumer-tested brands helps maximize lifespan.

Can I respond to messages from my smart watch?

Replying to messages and notifications from your wrist is a handy smart watch feature. However, sub-£100 models often lack onboard microphones and speakers, so you’ll view but not respond verbally or via typing. Check specifications to confirm capabilities.

Is it easy to change watch bands if I want a different style?

The majority of the watches highlighted above use standard watch bands that can be easily user-replaced. However, we recommend cross-checking size and attachment mechanisms before purchasing alternative strap options.

Key Takeaways on Best Sub-£100 Smart Watches

  • Top considerations when buying affordable smart watches include display technology, battery life, health/fitness tracking accuracy, style options and smartphone connectivity.
  • Highly rated models tailored for men typically cost between £60-£100, providing strong core capabilities despite lower prices.
  • Leading contenders highlighted include the thin, vibrant Amazfit GTS 4 Mini, classic Honor Magic Watch 2, the uniquely compact Huawei Watch Fit 2, affordable Realme Watch 3 and surprisingly feature-packed Willful Smart Watch.
  • Carefully weigh desired display size and quality, fitness tracking functionality, battery performance and style preferences to select your ideal smart watch.

Hopefully this guide has helped highlight excellent smart watches available for men under £100 this year. Let us know if you have any other questions as you shop for the perfect model to add convenient notifications and activity tracking to your wrist!

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