The 5 Best Smartwatches for Cycling in 2023

Providing impressive durability, 15-day battery life and accurate GPS tracking at a budget-friendly price point below $200, the rugged Amazfit T-Rex Pro delivers core cycling functions for everything from daily commutes to off-road adventures without the premium cost.

Cycling is a popular outdoor activity that provides exercise, recreation, and even transportation for many people. Smartwatches for Cycling continues to grow in popularity, more riders are utilizing smartwatches to track metrics like speed, distance, heart rate, and power output during their rides. The right smartwatch can help cyclists monitor their performance, navigate new routes, … Read more

The Supersonic Sport Smart Watch – A Comprehensive Review

Supersonic Sport smartwatch product image

The Supersonic Sport Smart Watch is an innovative new watch aimed at athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to track their workouts and daily activity. This comprehensive review covers everything you need to know about the Supersonic Sport smart watch, including its key features, design, battery life, accuracy, and overall value. Overview of the Supersonic Sport … Read more