Top 10 Stylish Watches for men

A quality wristwatch can take any man’s style to the next level. With so many options on the market, it can be tough to choose a stylish and functional timepiece that fits your needs. This comprehensive guide covers the top 10 most Stylish Watches that will elevate any man’s wardrobe in 2023.

What to Look for in a Stylish Watch

When shopping for a stylish watch, there are a few key factors to consider:


Think about your personal taste and what styles you are drawn to – like modern, vintage, minimalist, sporty, etc. Match the watch style to your wardrobe.

Quality Craftsmanship

Look for quality materials like stainless steel, titanium, or leather bands. The movement should be accurate and durable from trusted brands.


Determine if you need a rugged sports watch or a more formal dress watch. Lifestyle and needs help narrow the options.

Brand Reputation

Stick with reputable, reliable watch brands known for style and craftsmanship. Research brand reviews and accolades.

Top 10 Stylish Watches for Men

Based on extensive research and reviews, these are the top 10 stylish and high-quality watches for men in 2023:

1. Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is an iconic luxury dive watch known for its classic, sporty style. With a 40mm stainless steel case waterproof up to 300 m, precise automatic movement, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, this watch is built to last decades with proper care. The Submariner works for both casual and formal wear.

Close up photo of a vintage Rolex Submariner 5513 military dive watch with black bezel and dial
Rolex Submariner Stylish Watch
  • Price range: $8,000+
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Watch movement: Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 300m
  • Official Rolex Link

2. Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

Ideal for the man with an active lifestyle, the Seamaster 300M from Omega packs rugged construction with sleek style inspired by James Bond. The 41mm steel case withstands depths of 300 m and features a master chronometer movement. The wavy dial and bracelet give the Seamaster a unique, eye-catching aesthetic.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M black watch
Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

Key Feature:

  • Price range: $4,400+
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Watch movement: Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 300m
  • Official Omega Link

3. Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

For vintage style at a more affordable price point, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight from Tudor is a top choice. It has a 39mm steel case, black dial, and beige fabric band inspired by their vintage Submariner models. The COSC-certified movement makes it precise and reliable.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight watch in hands of man on table
Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight stylish smartwatch
  • Price range: $3,000 to $4,000
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Watch movement: Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 200m
  • Official Tudor Link

4. Cartier Tank Solo

The rectangular Cartier Tank is an elegant, Art Deco inspired watch that works perfectly for formal attire. The slim profile and bold roman numerals of the Tank Solo make a stylish statement. With a quartz movement and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, it has reliable accuracy.

Cartier Tank Solo stylish watch with black bands
Cartier Tank Solo stylish smartwatch
  • Price range: $2,500 to $3,500
  • Band width: 18mm
  • Watch movement: Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 30m
  • Official Cartier Link

5. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

For an affordable and rugged military-style watch, the Hamilton Khaki Field is a go-to choice. The 38mm stainless steel case and NATO strap add versatility. The simple black dial with luminescent hands enhances readability. With 50m water resistance and a 38-hour power reserve, it’s ideal for everyday wear.

Olive green Hamilton Khaki field watch on a brown leather strap
  • Price range: $475 to $575
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Watch movement: Mechanical hand wind
  • Water resistant depth: 50m
  • Official Hamilton Link

6. Orient Bambino Version 2

This revived version of Orient’s classic Bambino adds a modern edge to formal dress style. The 40.5mm stainless steel case and domed crystal have a vintage vibe. Roman numerals and a dark blue dial finish the elegant look. The in-house automatic movement offers reliable Japanese precision.

Orient Bambino Version 2 Stylish White Watch
Orient Bambino Version 2 stylish smartwatch
  • Price range: $240 to $280
  • Band width: 22mm
  • Watch movement: Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 30m
  • Official Orient Link

7. Seiko 5 SNK809

For an affordable, everyday automatic watch, the Seiko 5 SNK809 is beloved by many watch enthusiasts. The 37mm case wears well on most wrists and has a clean, versatile field watch design. Durable Hardlex crystal protects the beige dial and luminous hands. The 7S26 movement is a workhorse caliber.

Seiko 5 SNK809 stylish smartwatch in hand black colors
Seiko 5 SNK809 stylis smartwatch
  • Price range: $90 to $150
  • Band width: 18mm
  • Watch movement: Automatic
  • Water resistant depth: 30m
  • Official Seiko Link

8. Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler

Never worry about changing batteries with the Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler. Powered by light, its Eco-Drive movement is quartz-accurate and charges itself from natural or artificial light. The stainless steel bracelet, blue dial with date, and 40mm case work for business or pleasure.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler smartwatch in black color on table
Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler Stylish Smartwatch
  • Price range: $295 to $375
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Watch movement: Eco-drive (light powered quartz)
  • Water resistant depth: 100m
  • Official Citizen Link

9. Timex Weekender

Affordable, versatile and stylish, the Timex Weekender is a casual classic. The 40mm brass case, soft leather strap, and off-white dial complement business casual to weekend wear. Indiglo light-up watch hands make it readable at night. With a 30m water resistance, it can handle splashes.

  • Price range: $40 to $50
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Watch movement: Quartz
  • Water resistant depth: 30m
  • Official Timex Link

10. Withings ScanWatch Horizon

For the tech-minded man looking to track health metrics, the Withings ScanWatch Horizon combines an analog dial smartwatch with fitness tracking. Measure heart health, sleep, steps and more with medical-grade sensors. The stainless steel rotating bezel and sapphire glass make this a rugged, long-lasting timepiece.

  • Price range: $499 to $549
  • Band width: 20mm
  • Watch movement: Analog-digital hybrid
  • Water resistant depth: 50m
  • Official Withings Link

Right Choice is Right Watch for Your Style

When selecting a stylish watch, consider your budget, wardrobe, lifestyle and personal design aesthetic. The watches reviewed above represent top options for common men’s styles:

  • Luxury sport – Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster
  • Luxury dress – Cartier Tank, Omega Deville Prestige
  • Vintage military – Hamilton Khaki, Tudor Black Bay
  • Minimalist – Withings ScanWatch, Junghans Max Bill
  • Modern chic – Orient Bambino, Tissot Gentleman Powermatic
  • Rugged field watch – Seiko 5, Citizen Eco-Drive Chandler
  • Budget – Timex Weekender, Casio and Timex Ironman

Whichever you choose, pick a stylish timepiece that enhances your look while suiting your lifestyle. With proper care, a quality watch can last a lifetime and become an iconic part of your wardrobe.

FAQs about Stylish Watches

Which brand is best in mens watches?

There is no definitive “best” brand for men’s watches overall. However, some of the top luxury brands renowned for quality men’s watches include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier, and TAG Heuer. Brands like Seiko, Hamilton, and Tissot offer high-quality watches at more affordable prices.

What watches are trending now?

Some current top watch trends include vintage-inspired sport watches, minimalist/Bauhaus style watches, military field watches, and smartwatches with health tracking capabilities. Watches with elements like GMT complications, chronographs, and stainless steel bracelets are also very popular right now.

What style of watch is the most popular?

It depends on the context, but versatile stainless steel sport watches are likely the most popular style that work for a range of outfits from casual to formal. This includes models like dive watches, aviation watches, and field watches from brands like Rolex, Omega, Breitling etc.

Which brand is King of watch?

Rolex is sometimes referred to as the “King of Watches” due to its renown and prestige as a luxury Swiss watchmaker. It has reputation for high-end quality and craftsmanship in its sports and classic watch models.

Which company is no 1 watch brand?

There are a few ways to measure this – in terms of sales, Rolex is often cited as the #1 luxury watch brand globally. By price, Patek Philippe holds some of the most valuable watch models. In terms of watchmaker skill and haute horlogerie, many experts consider Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin top brands.

Is Tissot a luxury?

Tissot is considered an affordable luxury brand. It uses quality materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal while keeping prices accessible compared to high-end luxury brands like Rolex or Omega. Tissot has prestige as a Swiss brand but at a more modest price point.

Is Fossil a luxury brand?

No, Fossil is not considered a luxury watch brand. It markets itself as an accessible fashion watch company, known for styling but not premier quality or exclusivity. Fossil watches sell at mass retail stores and outlets at relatively low prices for the features.

What is the most successful watch brand?

In terms of sales volume, Rolex is likely the most successful global watch brand. It generates over $5 billion per year in estimated revenue. Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe, and Citizen also rank among the most successful brands based on popularity, revenue, and acclaim.

What are the big three watch brands?

The “big three” Swiss luxury watch brands generally refers to Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet. They are known for premier quality and prestige in the high watchmaking world.

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