The Wrangler Smartwatch: A Rugged & Feature-Filled Outdoor Wearable

The Wrangler Smartwatch delivers rugged durability and robust fitness tracking in a competitively priced outdoor smartwatch. Get GPS, heart rate monitoring, sports modes, and 1-2 week battery life. Read this comprehensive guide for Wrangler reviews, features, pricing, and more. Then check out authorized retailers like Amazon, BestBuy and the official Wrangler site to find deals on the Wrangler, Wrangler Pro, and Wrangler Elite models. Gear up with the adventure-ready Wrangler smartwatch.

Woman jogging on a dirt trail in the woods wearing a black Wrangler smartwatch.
Woman jogging on a dirt trail in the woods wearing a black Wrangler smartwatch.

Introduction to the Durable Wrangler Smartwatch

The wearables market continues growing with smartwatches becoming quite popular. A new outdoor-focused option is the Wrangler smartwatch, a rugged and durable smartwatch made for adventure seekers. This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at the Wrangler smartwatch, covering its key features, capabilities, pricing, companion app, and authentic user reviews.

Overview of the Rugged Wrangler Smartwatch

The Wrangler smartwatch was purpose-built for outdoor activities. It has a round 1.3” touchscreen display enclosed in a shock-resistant housing that helps protect against bumps, scratches, and the elements. With an IP68 rating, it is water resistant up to 50 meters making it safe for swimming and water sports.

 Close up of Wrangler smartwatch showing colorful abstract watch face on the round digital display.
The Wrangler smartwatch features a vivid 1.3″ AMOLED touchscreen display.

Other key features include:

  • Built-in GPS to track activities without a connected phone
  • Heart rate sensor for health and fitness monitoring
  • Sports modes like running, cycling, hiking, swimming, and more
  • Step, distance and calorie burn tracking
  • Sleep monitoring for sleep quality insights
  • Smartphone notifications for calls, texts, and apps
  • Weather updates and alarms/timers
  • Qi wireless charging support

Wrangler Smartwatch Pricing and Availability

The Wrangler smartwatch first launched in 2022 and is now widely available through Wrangler’s official website and authorized retailers like Amazon and BestBuy. There are three models:

  • Wrangler Smartwatch – $179.99
  • Wrangler Smartwatch Pro – $199.99
  • Wrangler Smartwatch Elite – $249.99

The Pro and Elite add extra sensors and features like onboard music storage, contactless payments, and advanced performance metrics. Replacement straps and accessories can also be purchased directly from Wrangler.

As of November 2023, you can find the full Wrangler smartwatch range on sale at major authorized retailers like [Amazon], [Ebay], and [Wrangler link]. Check for any bundled deals, discounts or coupon codes to potentially save extra on your purchase.

Syncing with the Official Wrangler App

To unlock the Wrangler smartwatch’s full potential, you’ll need to pair it with your smartphone and use the Wrangler app (compatible with both iOS and Android). The official Wrangler app enables you to:

  • Customize watch faces and settings to your liking
  • View detailed activity, health and sleep data
  • Enable handy smart notifications from your phone
  • Set custom alerts and alarms
  • Update the watch’s software and firmware
  • Manage offline music playlists for listening on the go
  • Use additional features like Find My Watch

The Wrangler app provides deeper insights into health metrics, fitness progress, sleep patterns, and more. Your real-time activity is synced between the app and watch.

Most newer iOS and Android smartphones are compatible. Check the official Wrangler app store listing for specifics.

Key Features and Capabilities

Here is a closer look at some of the Wrangler smartwatch’s notable features:

Robust Fitness Tracking and Sports Modes

With built-in GPS and 24/7 heart rate tracking, the Wrangler watch accurately tracks daily activity and dedicated workouts both indoors and outdoors. There are specific modes for running, cycling, hiking, swimming, gym sessions, and more. The watch auto-detects certain exercises and allows customizing displayed workout metrics.

Phone app UI displaying Wrangler smartwatch sync data including steps, distance, calories, heart rate, sleep.
The Wrangler app provides detailed fitness tracker and health metrics.

Health Monitoring and Sleep Tracking

In addition to counting steps, calories, and distance moved, the Wrangler watch uses its sensors for continuous heart rate monitoring. You can track resting, walking, and workout heart rate over time. The sleep tracker provides insights into sleep stages (light, deep, REM), total duration, and overall quality.

Smart Notifications and Quick Replies

Get vibration or visual alerts when receiving notifications from paired smartphone apps. You can customize notifications and quickly respond to messages and calls directly from the watch screen, keeping your phone in your pocket.

Onboard Music and Controls

The Pro and Elite Wrangler models allow storing music playlists for offline listening via Bluetooth headphones. Music playback and volume are controllable directly on the watch for phone-free workouts.

Payment, Transit, and Customization Features

Select Wrangler smartwatches enable contactless payments from your wrist using NFC technology. You can also add transit cards for simple access to subways, buses, and other public transportation.

Change up your Wrangler smartwatch’s look with a variety of watch faces to choose from. Both digital and analog styles are available. Swapping out wrist bands lets you match your style or activity.

Battery Life and Water Resistance

Wrangler smartwatches offer an advertised 1-2 weeks of battery life depending on usage, screen settings, and features enabled. Low batteries charge back up in just a couple of hours wirelessly using the included Qi charging dock.

With water resistance up to 50 meters, you can swim and shower worry-free with the Wrangler smartwatch. This level of waterproofing also provides peace of mind for outdoor use. Just remember to rinse the watch in fresh water after saltwater or pool exposure.

Wrangler Smartwatch Reviews and Customers’ Experiences

To better understand real-world performance and authentic user experiences, here are excerpts from Wrangler smartwatch reviews:

“If you lead an active outdoor lifestyle and want a durable smartwatch that can keep up, the Wrangler is a great option. I’ve been impressed with its accurate activity tracking both on the trails and in the pool.” – Verified Amazon Customer

“The Wrangler watch has been my daily smartwatch for months now. The battery easily lasts a week or longer, even with heavy use. GPS tracking is pinpoint accurate for my runs and the screen is bright even in sunlight.” – TechAdvisor

“While serious athletes may want more advanced metrics, the Wrangler covers all the essential fitness tracking features for most users. The watch is comfortable to wear all day and night, and the app makes monitoring progress easy.” – Wareable

“Don’t let the rugged exterior fool you – the Wrangler smartwatch packs impressive tech and convenient features under the hood. Everything from contactless payments to offline music storage delivers exceptional functionality.” – AndroidAuthority

As these authentic reviews highlight, the Wrangler smartwatch provides a versatile blend of durability, activity tracking accuracy, long battery life, and useful features at an affordable price point. Hands-on testing shows it performs well for the target outdoor audience.

Conclusion: A Capable Rugged Smartwatch for Active Lifestyles

For active, adventurous users seeking a smartwatch that can endure their on-the-go lifestyle, the Wrangler smartwatch is an excellent option. It combines rugged, outdoors-friendly durability with robust health/fitness tracking technology in an affordable package.

With built-in GPS, 50 meter water resistance rating, and long battery life, the Wrangler watch is prepared for hiking, running, cycling, swimming, and more. Detailed activity stats, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and smartphone connectivity provide valuable insights and convenience. The ability to store offline music and use contactless payments from your wrist makes everyday usage that much more seamless.

While it may lack some advanced metrics and luxurious designs found in premium smartwatches, the Wrangler nails the core essentials at a reasonable price point. For those wanting a capable, ruggedized smartwatch to match their active lifestyle, the Wrangler deserves a spot on your shopping list.

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